Easiest Coastal Walk:Trou aux Biches To Mon Choisy beach,Mauritius.

I went on my first coastal walk last week. It is a shame that living on an island, I’ve never thought about it earlier. But as we say better late than never. Initially, I’d planned to hike on the western coast, but I was uncomfortable adventuring alone in that location. Because the area is prone to unpredictable weather, so I opted for the North.

My adventure began in Trou aux Biches, a 30 minutes’ car drive from the capital city, Port Louis. Alternatively, You can catch the 82, Cap Malheureux Bus which takes around one hour. Trou aux Biches village is famous for its sandy beach, posh hotel resorts, and restaurants. I grabbed a steaming bowl of dumpling at Chez Meung, a traditional Chinese restaurant before the hike because I don’t start any adventure without a bowl of dumpling or noodles. After I finished, I crossed to the other side of the street, tightened my shoelace, and began hiking.

Bowl of dumpling

Difficulty level of the hike.

My itinerary was until Mon Choisy, another amazing beach. Google Maps claims the circuit takes 40 minutes but it is different when you are moving on the coastline. My time frame was 1 hour 15 minutes (honestly, I was lazing around). It can be more or less depending on your walking pace. The trail is beginner-friendly. The surface is flat with no rock climbing or steep slope. However, near the end, there is a rocky shore. The water level is shallow but the rocks are slippery, they are covered with algae, be careful there.

What to Expect on the track.

En route, a manifold of picturesque spots and deserted stretches of white sand await you; you can relax for a while or take a dip in the water. You will come across a few local fishermen here and there as well as tourists’ resorts,you’ll have to pass through one of them as there is no other way. to go forward.Nearing Mon Choisy, you’ll find a Volleyball court under construction and a beautiful Hindu Temple.

Activities in Mon Choisy

Once at Mon Choisy, You can settle down to a picnic, grab an ice cream, go for a swim, or if you are energetic like me you can continue to walk until Pereybere beach (this a post for another day). Conversely, You can indulge yourself in the water sports activities if you’d like some adrenaline rush. Among all the beaches I’ve been to, Mon Choisy has the shallowest water, on top of that, the water is always warm even in Winter.

What to bring

Don’t forget sunscreen!!!

For this hike, Sunscreen is vital unless you want a bad tan: I wore ¾ pants and did not apply sunscreen.Now my legs have two different shades.Although, this hike can be done barefoot I suggest you bring water shoes as I’ve mentioned the path is slippery in some area. Lastly don’t forget your water, snacks, and swimsuit because it’s useless to go to the beach and not take a good dip in the ocean.

If Mauritius is your next holiday destination and you want to enjoy the beaches to the maximum, then grab your flip flops and go on a coastal walk: it’s a cheap alternative to buses and taxis. And you will benefit from incredible views these means of transport don’t offer.

3 thoughts on “Easiest Coastal Walk:Trou aux Biches To Mon Choisy beach,Mauritius.

  1. I would love to visit Mauritius one day. Having lived in Ireland for nearly two decades under a constant rain cloud, I would love nothing more than to enjoy sunshine and warmth. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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