Post Covid-19: My Travel Plans.

The CoronaVirus has not spared a single country in the world, from the rich countries to the poor Countries, It forced a state of lockdown upon all of them. Borders were closed, Airplanes were forced to stay on the ground and cruise ships forced to cancel their summer sailing season and harbor in the ports, empty!. With all this sudden and unexpected event, we found ourselves stuck at home, with our travel plans annihilated or for the lucky ones postponed.

Several months after this deadly pandemic, countries are preparing to go back to ”normal” (can things be completely back to normal?), some have already lifted up the lockdown and others eased the restrictions. For example, my Country Mauritius eased down the restrictions since the 1st of June; Shopping malls, cafes, restaurants are open again, however, beaches, National parks, movie theaters, and the airport remain close. Since then, I’ve started to draft my ‘post corona travel plans’, that’s how I called it and below I reveal it to you.

  1. Explore the central part of my country.

The central region of my country is known for its cold and rainy weather as well as it’s colonial buildings, the plethora of shopping malls, and the dormant volcano Crater named Trou aux cerfs.In my 22 years of life, I’ve visited this part of the country only thrice. That’s why, last week,2 days after the partial deconfinement, I took a trip there, only to be welcomed by a sudden heavy downpour of rain and a drop in the temperature. I could not explore the surrounding because of that, bought some wonderful flowers and came back home where a warm-weather awaited me but I’m going back there this weekend hoping for a better weather than the last time.

2. Hike The Southern Part Of My Country.

The Southern Part of Mauritius is home to many scenic roads, cliffs, and Nature reserves. It’s my favorite part of the Island and I’ve been there several times in the past. However, during the lockdown, I’ve been missing this area a lot especially the Black River Gorges National Park. The last time I hiked this place I was 18 years old. I would like to camp there on a weekend with my good friends before I resume work again.

3.Sail On The Rhine River.

Had Covid-19 not been a huge issue, I would already be sailing on the Rhine river. But with the situation right now, It’s better to wait for things to be safe again. I was due to join a river cruise as a crew member in April, but as you already know the disastrous impact Coronavirus had on the cruising industry and tourism industry in general. Henceforth, I’m here waiting for the season to resume to again.I’ve never missed work this much prior to the coronavirus. Weird!.

4.Move to Northern Vietnam.

I disliked this country so bad when I visited it for the first, I swore to never put a foot there again: The roads are chaotic, I was the victim of scams from greedy taxi drivers and tradesmen. Then, I don’t know why I went there for a second visit but it was a different and amazing experience from the first one. I experienced the friendliness of the people, the smiles, and some even helped me crossed the chaotic roads. Since my second trip there, my heart remained in this beautiful country for I’ve been yearning to go back again. Therefore, I’ve decided when my cruise ship contract ends, I’m moving to Hanoi. I chose Hanoi because of the beautiful nature of the North and the cool climate.

5.Visit Laos.

I always thought Laos was a boring and dull Country. Well, that was before I saw a documentary the other day on Tv. Oh dear, How I was wrong!. I wish I never listened to the hearsay of random people for Laos looked truly amazing in the documentary. On top of that, the flight time is around 1 hour from Vietnam. Hence. I will plan a weekend trip there once I’m settled in Hanoi.

6.Learn Asian Cuisine .

I like to cook, It’s one of my hobbies.I’ve always been fascinated by Asian cuisine and there’s no better place to learn about this cuisine other than Asia. All the necessary ingredients and spices are readily available so forget about the excuse that a certain recipe has to be substituted or cannot be made because certain ingredients are lacking.

That’s all about my future travel plans,at least for the moment.A lot of people are saying that traveling is dead for this year but I’m optimistic that we will be able to fly again before the end of 2020.CoronaVirus might change the way we used to travel but it can’t confine us forever in a single place.

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3 thoughts on “Post Covid-19: My Travel Plans.

  1. You live in such a beautiful part of the world with so much to see and do. We are looking forward to exploring Ireland and learning more about its history and culture. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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